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A little more about us...

Nuckelberry LLC is a family owned and operated business located in a small rural village in western Pennsylvania. Our claim to fame comes from the creation of the Readifeeder. The Readifeeder is a convenient solid seed wild bird feeder that comes ready to use. Simply hang and enjoy watching and feeding wild birds.


Readifeeders are handmade one batch at a time using our family’s special recipe. Each batch of seed cake is hand stirred, mold poured, and pressure packed before going through our dehydration process to lock in freshness. Our seed feeder is attractively decorated making them the perfect gift for the beginner or avid birdwatcher alike. Before packaging, a final inspection is given to each feeder to ensure quality. This personal attention to detail guarantees the best and most natural bird feeder that is sure to attract wild birds to your yard. Readifeeder uses premium seed (black oil sunflower seed, cracked corn, milo, wheat, and white millet) that provides a cleaner feeding style with less waste since seed scattering is minimized.


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